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On September 25th 2021, Squalus II suffered a serious blow. On our way out to dive The Calvin Tompkins our 2002, Mercury 200HP EFI gave up on us. Our mechanics were unable to breathe life back into the old engine without substantial investment. We felt that spending large sums of money on an already 20 year old motor would be foolish.We took the engine off and put it in the boneyard. 

- Broken Engine :(

We explored the idea of purchasing a new outboard. The first issue was the considerable cost ($30K) and the second was the wait. Due to supply chain issues all outboard manufacturer had lead times in excess of 50-65 months. This posed quite a wrinkle for the 2022 season. We started looking for new to us but used engines. Our network of divers and captains were keeping their eyes open from Maine to Florida. We needed a Mercury newer than 2002 to maintain our NMEA network and not have to gut all of our controls. 

We checked out motors in Westport, MA, Norwalk, CT, Bronx, NY and many eBay, Craigslist, and Uncle Henry ads. We finally found a potential fit.



- The Journey 

We found a 2014, Mercury Optimax 250 DFI XL shaft engine. After a few phone calls and videos we figured "Well, its worth a shot." Keep in mind is based in Connecticut and the engine was in NORTH CAROLINA, But not east NC... WEST NC. Basically across the street from Georgia.

As of 1/14/2023 we have a good prognosis as the engine has been tested and is resting comfortably.


New plugs, water pump, thermostats, oil and fuel filters and a new spark plug cable. ( However, and mice got in the boat over the 2 winters.) See right.

We here at don't ask very much of our viewers. As you know these videos are a labor of love. A love of diving and exploration. If you enjoy our videos and what we do, we sure could use your help to offset some unexpected operational costs. That brings us to OPERATION REPOWER..


While supplies last, we are offering  two (2) 100% authentic Squalus Marine Stickers that you can show off as a supporter.

For the cost of 2 Grande Carmel Macchiatos you can help Squalus Marine get back on the water!


Click here to to get your booster stickers! 

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 8.02_edited.jpg

We thank you all for your support no matter how large or small. Thank you all for your help and with a little luck, we can get this show back on the road!  Thanks again!

Captain Denis 


- NEW ENGINE :) ( Old Man Not Included.)

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