Welcome to our interactive dive map! Below you will find a map with our logos plastered all over it. Each logo is a video of a dive site. Some are wrecks and some are reefs with marine life. Click the one you want to explore. A small description of the dive will come up. Click the blue link and start the dive! 

How to Navigate!


1 - Double click with your mouse on the map away from the logos to zoom in. Mouse wheel will zoom in and out also.


2- Click and hold with your mouse to move the map.


3- Click on logo to open the summary and link.


4- Click the blue link to dive at that site!



DISCLAIMER - SQUALUS MARINE DIVERS makes no claim as to the accuracy, validity, or appropriateness of any information found in this website. We will not be responsible for the consequences of any action that is based upon information found here. Scuba Diving is a sport with inherent risks, and as always, you alone are responsible for your own safety and well being. The videos presented here are not a substitute for proper dive training. Seek proper dive training from a certifed dive instructor.